At long last, this is how i always wanted it to look like, the 1932 Ford pickup truck gets steels and crossplies. The old cheap chinese shit, or chrome five spoke wheels to some, was the last of the major street rod parts to get binned, along with the dummy diff cover.



Picked up the steel wheels off good ‘ol ebay and found the rear tyres at a swap meet , front tyres though i had to buy new, as i got too excited and couldn’t wait to find them, so much so i never even painted the wheels. Maybe over the winter the will get a shiney new coat of black.

As the old wheels stuck out so far, the truck had to be jacked up high at the back. With my new 15 x 5″ skinny rims i could now drop the back end. This turned out to take longer than i thought. The rear coil overs were at 30 degrees which i didn’t think helped the suspension to work too well. So little movement, the shocks barely moved, it did get a weave on at 70 mph. A job i’ve always wanted to do but looked like too much effort for little gain.

My plan was to stand the coil overs more upright and make better use of the shocks. The mounting points had to be relocated as close to the bed as possble, which gained about 5 inches another inch or two was gained reworking the axle mounts. In the end the back has dropped a good 4 inches. Any more and the frame will need c-ing. Maybe a future project, i left the coil overs ready for an extra drop just incase.

The exhausts no longer could follow their original path, so lots of cut and shutting was needed and now have to go under the axle.

Ideally i’d like to fit a generator next and loose the alternator, or possibly find a small alternator and try to get it down low out of sight. I had moved this alternator to where it is now, as the previous owner mounted it so low… it fouled the steering !

Just need some hub caps to complete the new look… ooo and maybe some FirePower valve covers… and ’32 headlights… and… and…

Its spot the difference time on the 1932 Ford pickup truck !

As it was before:


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